Kali Meister

psychic, channel, teacher and coach, empath, author, spiritual healer, tarot reader, reiki master, public speaker, and laughter yoga instructor

Maria Thiaw

Kali is a regular presenter at our "Day of the Dead" celebration. This last one was standing room only. Word has gotten around at how amazing she is. What gets me is that she originally asked me not to tell anyone that she had these 'weird' abilities. I'm glad she is finally embracing her gifts! As for my own experience, one of the most amazing was when I had spoken to my grandmother while she was in a coma and had posed a few questions. A few months after her death, Kali 1) knew what questions I had asked and 2) gave me my grandmothers answers! She never knew my grandmother or even that I had visited her on her deathbed. Oh and she even sounded like her when she was talking (thick Georgia accent, African-American dialect.) There are so many more stories but I only have so much room here! In summary, Kali is amazing!