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August 21, 2017 Eclipse Effect on the Zodiac

Though the 2017 solar eclipse will only last a little over 2 minutes its effects go back six months and will influence each of us for the next twelve months. There are certain signs that are more influenced by the eclipse. During this eclipse the moon will be in Leo while Mercury is in retrograde, which will have everyone focused on and yet also struggling with the concept of duty versus desire. We may be wondering if we are living our true lives, or are we just being who those in our lives need us to be. Are we playing a role because we fear living our heart’s desire makes us selfish; or will living our dreams be a recipe for failure? This eclipse will vastly influence personal direction with each of us questioning the status quo. 


An eclipse can act as the ripping off of a bandage covering our festering fears; almost like a, “Ready or not, here we are!” moment. Because the moon is in Leo this “moment” will feel dramatic and have us all focused on what we desire in a very impassioned and selfish way. It also has us each focused on how we are being perceived and heard. Leo is also a sign about leadership—it is no coincidence that many American Presidents are born under the sign of Leo. That being said, a primary focus during this eclipse is on finding the leader within ourselves. This eclipse is an opportunity for each of us to take control of our lives and to be heard, be braver, and be more courageous.  


However, because Mercury is in retrograde during the eclipse we must be conscientious of how we communicate our needs to be heard. And while being braver and more courageous can be great that means nothing if we express ourselves severely, critically, and desperately. And, with this eclipse we all feel the desperation that is Mercury in retrograde. The true irony of this eclipse is it begs us to change while Mercury in retrograde begs us to avoid anything new. Each sign will feel this juxtaposition in how they express themselves. Oddly, the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer) will not feel this eclipse as intensely as the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) but the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will feel it the most intensely. 


Eclipse Horoscope


Aries: Focus on expressing yourself through creativity. Aries, you function best when you express yourself indirectly. You have a great passion for life which might lead you to put your foot in your mouth. You can sometimes be impulsive and speak without fully thinking about how others will receive your thoughts. This eclipse will not be as stressful for you as it will be for other signs. Just be cautious. You can be brutally honest, which can cause some hurt feelings. Write. Sing. Create Art. Show what you feel over telling how you feel. It’s safer for us all. 


Taurus: Focus on the possible positivity of change amidst fear of change. If there is one sign that will feel this eclipse the most profoundly with fear it will be Taurus. They resist change—good or bad. This is a time for Taurus to learn to truly LISTEN TO THEIR GUT INSTINCTS. If Taurus can listen to their gut they have the opportunity to be the sign that benefits the most from the eclipse and the positive changes it could bring them. 


Gemini: Focus on being patient because others may not be able to keep up with you. Gemini, you have no issue with change. You welcome it. Right now you don't much like what you see in the other signs. They seem slow because you are about three steps ahead of the rest of us. That being said, what you say and how you say it are pivotal right now. You may offend others who feel you think you are better than them. Lead by example. Actions speak louder and more profoundly than words. They will catch up. 


Cancer: Focus on the balance between work and home. You desire your change so much that you may be taking those you love the most for granted without being aware that you are doing so. You will need to be very kind to your friends and family for the next twelve months because you will need them the most. You have great things ahead for you as you implement ideas you have had for awhile. It is time for you to take charge of your financial situation and the direction of your career. Cancer is blessed with the eclipse having a positive influence on work and money. 


Leo: Focus on letting go of all old patterns that no longer serve you. Leo, you have a real opportunity to shine for the next twelve months because this is your moon. This is a time for you to own who you are and the power you have in this world. Pick what change you want to see and throw yourself fully behind your choices. This is not a time for you to be fickle or flaky. You are being called over the next twelve months to be an advocate for others, so focus on expression through what you support. 


Virgo: Focus on balance through introspection. Virgo, you spend so much time in your head focused on how you can control situations. The eclipse has you introspective about how you can let go of some of your need to control everything in your life. Virgo, unlike any other sign, will benefit from slowing down. For Virgo the lesson of the eclipse is not about what they can control as much as it is about what is real and what is fake. You think you know the genuine articles in life, but your perspective is a little skewed because there is so much misinformation out there. Don't rush. Take in information and let others take some control while you seek out what is the truth. 


Libra: Focus on embracing new people and working as a part of a team. The last six months have you feeling emotionally vulnerable and leaning toward a life of isolation. You may feel the need to pull away from new people and situations while clinging to the familiar. The eclipse asks you to look at what you can learn from new people with ideas and experiences different than your own. This is important because you have some great ideas that need a perspective different than your own. If you work through your emotional vulnerabilities your ideas will create some powerful change for the positive. 


Scorpio: Focus on the things you fear expressing. Scorpio, you are a bubbling pot of anxiety, angst, and personal disappointment. You have to release these feeling right now. The issue with releasing all this is that you fear what would happen if you take the lid off this boiling pot that is your emotional state. Of all the signs, Scorpio, you may be the most diplomatic. You are already very considerate of how you express yourself, which is how you got to where you are—good and bad. Trust yourself to say what needs to be said. If anyone can do this without upsetting the balance of things it is Scorpio. Speak your truth and let go of the fear that expressing your emotions only gets you hurt or exploited. 


Sagittarius: Focus on balance through letting go of judgements. Sagittarius folks think they have seen it all and know it all, but this eclipse is the time for them to embrace that there are still surprises in this world. Because Sagittarius are people who can be blunt to a fault about what they think is true it may be a good idea for them to let go of what they think they know. They need to embrace the possibility that life can be different from what the past has shown them. Sagittarius, holding someone to the standards of your past experiences makes them feel limited and behave desperately. You may be defining someone in an identity they desire to change. Watch and learn. Let people TRULY surprise you. 


Capricorn: Focus on letting others help you. Capricorns love to be the best and they prefer to succeed on their own merits. However, now is a time to share the glory that comes from achieving. This doesn’t mean you must do the work for others, but if you see someone working just as hard as you it's nice to acknowledge them for their efforts. You are very respected by many people, so a shout out from you could be the thing that keeps someone on a path of positive change. 


Aquarius: Focus on how you relate to other people. This is your time to be there for those you love. You will be a cheerleader of sorts, which might contradict a little with your sometimes nervous energy. You need to breathe and focus on meditation and calmness so those who you love can lean on you. You will learn your strength through your service to and support of others. You have to have faith that others will lift you to where you need to be based on your actions for them.


Pisces: Focus on self care and not taking too much responsibility. Pisces, you will feel this eclipse on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level. You feel all the negativity around you which has the potential to cause you physical dis-ease. You must take care of yourself and try to be kind to you. There is potential this eclipse has you feeling as if the sky is falling. The only way you can defeat this feeling is to be kind to yourself. The other zodiac signs are not as open as you to their intuition. Your knowing speaks LOUDLY. Part of self care is creating healthy boundaries so others do not exploit your knowing. You are the barometer that gauges the worlds energies. Remember this.