Kali Meister

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Cancer: The Prophet and Teacher

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: Crab

Governed by: Chest 

Lucky Day: Monday

Color: White

Best Locations: Any natural body of water

Traits: Sensitive, Protective, and Mothering


I am getting the opportunity to watch a little cancer girl grow into a adorable tween. And, she is very cancer. These folks are the most sensitive people you will ever meet—she is a flirtatious sweet sensitive cuddle monster. Cancer’s emotions run very deep and they are genuine in how they feel about things. They are incredibly loving and those born under this sign are patron saints and advocates for the protection of the weak and downtrodden. They love animals and usually have at least one pet. In fact, they sometimes collect animals. They have so much heart—they are ruled by their chests. When thinking of what it is like to be a cancer just think of their symbol the crab. Crabs have tough shells that guard an incredibly soft interior, and if you poke at a crab long enough they will skitter off sideways—understand the sideways motion is because they will never attack, but they will also never back down. A sideways angle suits them just fine. 

Security is very important to cancer people. They require stability in their lives and can actually come off as fickle and inconsistent when they do not feel completely secure.  They need a space of their own to feel complete in the world and their homes are their castles--especially their bedrooms. Their bedrooms need to be places of calm solitude. They like a minimalist decor with shades of ocean and beach colors. They are people who will always be drawn to water because they are homebodies at heart and water is their element. If you want to make one adore you get them one of those white noise sound machines that plays hours of ocean waves. Keeping them calm is of high priority because they can have issues with fear and cling to bad situations thinking their love and support can change everything for the better. It is because of this that cancer can fall victim to stress-based illnesses that can turn into longterm battles for the cancer. 

On that note, the thing that cancers must overcome is resentment. And, this sign holds on to a grudge like nobody you will ever meet. The odd thing about these grudges is you may have no idea you have hurt the cancer until weeks, months, or even years later. Example: One Monday in May you forgot you scheduled lunch with them. They won’t say a word about it in the moment. They might be a tad cold or aloof for awhile, but they more than likely will not confront the issue in the moment. It is only after a lot of sideways motion that they will snap at something. It will be a random Sunday in December and you will have had a great time with them when suddenly they get sullen and with great pain they tell you that you have hurt their feelings... Deeply. You try to think of what you have done because the day has been perfect. Then they tell you how badly it hurt them when you forgot the lunch you planned with them seven months earlier. Why they didn’t address this issue seven months ago is beyond your understanding unless you are a cancer, also. Just understand that they are only telling you now because they have skittered sideways long enough to the point that they feel safe to address the issue with you now in a time where the heat of the moment will not turn violent or aggressive. Being safe is important to cancer, which is why it will feel odd they bring up past grievances much later when everything seems to be going positively, but cancer must feel that they can be sure of you and that there will be no heat of the moment confrontation. Confrontation is something that scares cancers. They have no place in their lives for violence. Also, imagine if they seem that upset seven months later how deep those emotions must have run for them seven months ago. 

If you can be patient with their tender hearts you will have someone in your life who will never forget your birthday, always knows exactly what makes you happy, and is the one person who will always come over and take care of you when you are sick. They can be the best friend you will ever have because it truly brings them pleasure to make you happy and often your smile is all the thanks that they need.